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Sordin Supreme Pro-X hearing protection headset

Product Review (submitted on May 11, 2018):
Well.. the price, there is no getting around that. There are more affordable options, but a Rolls-Royce is also not the most affordable car. The Pro-X is far and away a superior product to the other headsets I have worn. I went with the fabric headband and so far it is great, I cant comment on it in the heat yet though. Ear/head comfort is unmatched by anything I have worn. I have used less expensive "slim-line" headsets and these a huge improvement, especially with the gel-cups don't even bother getting anything else. My previous headset was the "full-size" cans, and to those there is not as much of a comfort difference as you tend to get a plusher cup and more interior space. However, they are massive and not as nice to use behind a rifle. If you are concerned about the 18dB NRR, don't be. I read a well written article about the ratings and gave the Sordin's a try. They are as good or better than the full-size cheap cans I have with a 27dB NRR. The mics are the best I have experienced and turned all the way up will provide superhuman hearing. I have not seen or heard of any failures from the folks at the range with this headset, so I expect them to last quite a while with normal use. Very please with the purchase, once I worked up the nerve to drop the cash