Peltor ComTac III ACH Tactical Headsets - Headband

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Peltor ComTac III ACH Tactical Headsets - Headband

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Peltor ComTac III ACH Tactical Headsets - Headband Version

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From: C$768.23 To: C$852.98



The COMTAC III and COMTAC IV both have Single and Dual Comm variants for streamline cable management. The downleads separate left and right audio traffic.

The 3M Peltor COMTAC series of headsets offer tactical communication in addition to hearing protection for today's modern warfighter. ComTac Tactical Communication Headsets are formulated and constructed specifically for use with firearms and ballistic combat helmets. These headsets feature external microphones with talk-thru capability to maintain situational awareness while still sustaining hearing protection. The ComTac III Advanced Communication Headset (ACH) has been standardized and fielded by various DOD agencies, specifically U.S. SOCOM and U.S. Army PEO Soldier.

  • Level-dependent surround sound for “talk-thru” function
  • External communications and stereo “talk-thru” are independent of each other
  • External communications and “talk-thru” are battery independent for Rx/Tx fail safe
  • Ambidextrous noise-canceling boom mic (can be mounted on either left or right side by operator) angled to minimize interference with peripheral vision
  • Adjustable sizing to fit different users
  • Meets Environmental Standard MIL-STD-810F; Meets EMI Standard MIL-STD-461E


Level Dependent Functionaility, commonly referred to as “talk-thru,” is a means of allowing safe audio sounds to bypass the individual hearing protection while still protecting against harmful noises. This can be accomplished with a proprietary digital audio circuit integrated into the headset. A microphone will receive sounds outside its headset and transmit those to a speaker inside the headset. This Level Dependent Digital Audio Circuit easily senses noise levels above the desired threshold and compresses each to a safe decibel level or amplifies weak sounds to an audible level.

Compression vs. Clipping 

3M has incorporated compression technology to remove the “clipping” effect heard in common talk-thru systems. “Clipping” can result in missing the first syllable of important commands. This technology resolves that issue and dramatically improves speech intelligibility.

Fail Safe 

ComTac External Communication (i.e. radio or intercom) and “talk thru” are completely independent of one another. In the unlikely event of electronic failure or battery depletion, external communications will continue to function.


 -MIL STD 810F, Department of Defense Test Method Standard for Environmental Engineering Considerations and Laboratory Tests 
-Submersion: 3 feet, 30 minutes, salt-water-survivable


-MIL STD 461E, Department of Defense Interface Standard, Requirements for the Control of Electromagnetic Interference Characteristics of Subsystems and Equipment 
-CS1 14, RE101, RE-102-4, RS101 and RS103 Requirements

Noise Reduction Ratings(NRR) 

(per ANSI S3.19-1974; NAVLAP Certified - Tested internally at 3M’s NAVLAP-accredited facility)

  • COMTAC III ACH (Headband version, standard foam cushion): NRR 23 dB 
  • COMTAC III ACH (Neckband version, standard foam cushion): NRR 22 dB 
  • COMTAC III ACH (ARC Attachment version, standard foam cushion): NRR 22 dB 
  • COMTAC IV: Classic Foam Eartip - NRR 30 dB; UltraFit Reusable Eartip - NRR 18 dB

Refer to Chart for Headset descriptions

  • 500+ hours battery life (2 x AAA)
  • Headband, Neckband & Helmet Attachment variants available
  • Single and Dual COMM variants available
  • Military Environmental Standards
  • Military Ballistic Standards
  • EMI Standards
  • Improved Tactical Keypad
  • NRR 23 dB

Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Great but not awesome
I just received my Comtac III and had a chance to use it on the field yesterday. The mic is really good in all possible ways. Great voice picking, can be placed in any position AND it stays in place. The overall quality is really good too. Battery compartment is well placed with 1 on each side and are waterproof. The sound attenuation is great and lower bangs very well. The only down thing (and quite a big deal for me) is the sound/voice pick-up. Even when the volume is set to max, I had difficulty hearing what teammates were saying (even at 3 - 5 feet). You can hear "noises" from far away but it awfully lacks communication clarity. I think there is no real frequencies splitting as it just amplifies every sounds entering the side mics and serves it thru the speakers as is. The volume could've been set to higher value as it would allow to hear speaking much easier (I think). I can't imagine how military soldiers can understand up-close speaking with all noises that can surround them (shooting, helicopters...) as everything gets mangled in the speakers. Aside from this, the volume control is really easy to reach and adjust even with gloves on. I would buy it again but not at this price.
Review by Jonathan / (Posted on 2016-10-23)
Very pleased with the Peltor ComTac III headset.
The Peltor ComTac headset is an excellent product. The combination of "On/Off" and attenuation in the single control simplifies operation. The microphone boom easily swings out of the way when not in use and the design of the earcups allows for ample room under my Kevlar helmet.
Review by Big Mur / (Posted on 2016-06-22)

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