Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

Mantis X10 Elite - Shooting Performance System

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The X10 is the elite version of the MantisX. The MantisX is a breakthrough tech product that helps you train more efficiently. While attached to your firearm, it continuously collects movement data before, during, and after each shot, providing real-time feedback on your shooting mechanics. The sensor connects via Bluetooth LE to any iOS or Android device, and complex algorithms analyze movement patterns. MantisX is designed for your firearm, for use in both live fire and dry fire shooting.

In addition to everything the X3 and X7 do, key features of the X10 include:

  • Recoil analysis
  • Holster Draw Analysis
  • Dynamic Shooting (rapid fire, multi-target, shooting on the move)
  • Software support for all shooting sports (pistol, rifle, shotgun, archery)

Collecting thousands of data points per second, the X10 analyzes your shooting in real-time.  For pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  The X10 works with dry fire, live fire, airsoft/CO2, and simulated weapons systems.

Includes BR7 barrel mount adapter for rifles and shotguns.

**Future free app updates

Feedback and detailed descriptions of your shot, as well as recommendations for correction, are categorized 12 different ways:

  • Pushing forward
  • No follow through
  • Breaking wrists up
  • Breaking wrists down
  • Heeling
  • Too much trigger finger
  • Too little trigger finger
  • Tightening grip while pulling trigger
  • Slapping the trigger
  • Tightening fingers
  • Anticipating recoil
  • Thumbing

Dimensions: 1.3" x 1" x 0.75"  LxWxH


  • ATTACH THE DEVICE: Connect MantisX to the accessory rail, just like other accessories.
  • CONNECT THE PHONE: Install the smartphone application, turn on MantisX, and pair the device with a phone via Bluetooth. Available for both Android and iOS.
  • COLLECT THE DATA: Evaluate shooting performance, identify areas of improvement, and track progress over time.

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  • ANALYZES EVERY SHOT: MantisX detects each shot you make, analyzes the movement of the firearm during the trigger pull, and assigns a score to each shot that signifies deviation from the aiming position.
  • PROMOTES IMPROVEMENT: Based on the movement patterns of the firearm, MantisX identifies areas of improvement and provides coaching that will improve your mechanics, your score, and your precision.
  • TRACKS PERFORMANCE: MantisX keeps track of all your shooting sessions and generates useful reports that will help you identify your shooting trends, gauge your progress, and set adequate improvement goals.


  • INDIVIDUALS: With MantisX, practice anytime and anywhere. Analyze each shot you make, keep tabs on your performance overtime, and hone your shooting mechanics by following our data-driven suggestions.
  • INSTRUCTORS: As an instructor, manage your students more efficiently with MantisX, spending more time on actually coaching rather than watching people shoot. MantisX also provides hard data for students to see.
  • AGENCIES: Agencies help their cadets and employees gain and maintain excellent marksmanship skills necessary for military and law enforcement service. MantisX also assists in training for qualification exams.

Additional Features:

  • Many Training Modes and Courses  For beginning through advanced proficiency

  • Groups: Track, Follow, and Train together with Friends
  • Shot Timer: Duress Changes Many Things
  • Audio Feedback to keep your eyes on target
  • Customized Settings for complete control over how you train
  • See full history for a full record of your progress


Customer Reviews 7 item(s)

Good Quality, Great Training Aid, Bit over-priced in my opinion.
Very quick shipping by SRS Tactical. 5 Stars for that. The MantisX App for my smartphone was easy to install and immediately connected with the Mantis unit. I have tried it with my Glock 17, my Beretta M9A3 and my Desert Eagle and, thanks to the app, it is already helping me improve my shooting skills. I have not tried all the modes in the app, but so far very impressed with the info and the stats.
Review by Predator / (Posted on 2020-05-30)
Innovative and useful to help you focus during practice and live fire.
Excellent product to really keep you honest about what you are doing in dryfire and live fire. Many applications at present and more in development by Mantis. Numerous ways to attach this to all types of firearms in several different orientations; two sided tape, a small piece of picatinny rail and your imagination are all that is needed.
Review by David / (Posted on 2020-05-09)
Good fun
Set up is easy and it allows me to dry fire train anytime while it logs my practice session; I can compare session to see how well my training is going. Loads of drills for pistols, haven’t tried out the rifle setting. I am looking forward to taking it to the range to see the recoil management reading for both the pistol and rifle. All in all it’s expensive but a fun training aid.
Review by Zedd / (Posted on 2020-05-03)
Win for shooting practice fail for holster technique
It looks like an awesome product sadly it won't work for me as I bought it to train for IPSC and the attachment makes it impossible to use with a ghost holster hence the draw analysis won't function which is 1/2 the point. For other aspects the unit is amazing but the holster function at least for me is a waist.
Review by Bruce / (Posted on 2020-04-24)
Good product, highly reccomended.
Very good training aid.
Review by B / (Posted on 2020-04-05)
We're pleased with the overall performance. May have to buy a second one so my husband and I can both train at the same time.
Works as advertised. Easy to use. Excellent battery life. Great training tool.
Review by Blackpaws / (Posted on 2020-01-28)
Good product
Seems to work fine so far, I would argue it has more value for people that uses hand guns. But the device works perfectly easy to install and use.
Review by Kblanglois / (Posted on 2020-01-09)

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