General Starlight Company Inc.

COMPANY: GSCI is a leading manufacturer and developer of precision Night Vision optics and Thermal Imaging devices, established for the purpose of supplying the market with state-of-the-art electro-optical systems. Since 1992, in over two decades we have built a company focused on quality, innovation, and exceptional customer service. We are the only Canadian owned and based Manufacturer with a large selection of low light optical devices with no limits on performance, catering to individual consumers, law enforcement and military clients. Being of Canadian Origin, our products are easy to export, and although GSCI maintains a strict compliance with the laws and regulations of the Controlled Goods Program, we offer our customers complete assistance in obtaining the Canadian Export Permits free of charge.

GSCI's R&D Department has consistently allowed us to launch cutting edge and innovative products and technologies. Their popular uses have been embraced not only by various branches of the military and law enforcement, but also by a growing number of consumers that are unwilling to settle for anything but the best.

GSCI's night vision line has received a number of new additions. The new systems incorporate advances in both electronics and innovations using lighter weight and higher performing optics. Coupled with a new line of 3rd Generation FOM 1600+ and FOM 1800+ tubes, and offering incredible performance at an amazing price, GSCI’s night vision systems never looked this good!

ALL the systems are manufactured right here in Canada. The devices are built from scratch, with a production team achieving levels of quality unparalleled in the industry. We are proud to say that GSCI stands for Developed and Built in Canada and that we are a repeated supplier for military, law enforcement and government agencies customers with tactical and combat proven electro-optical imaging products for critical nighttime operations.