Barrel-Lite Bore Inspection Device

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Barrel-Lite Bore Inspection Device

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Barrel-Lite Bore Inspection Device


Firearms Inspection Made Easy, One Size Works for ALL Calibers!

Use ANY Source of Light: Sunlight or room light. Any lamp light source, even light from a camp fire.

Basic Instructions for Using The Barrel-Lite
  1. Make sure the firearm is completely unloaded and the action is open.
  2. Open the action and insert the small end of the Barrel-Lite into or against the shell chamber. (For shotguns you can also use either the larger or smaller end; Also works great for Bottom Loaders.
  3. Hold the Barrel-Lite by it's sides and point the exposed end towards any light source, such as a lamp/ natural sunlight/ even a campfire will do. Colored lights work as well. Red lights will show as red, etc.
  4. Now simply look down the barrel and adjust the position of the Barrel-Lite for the best illumination. The stronger the light source, the brighter the Barrel-Lite will be.

The Larger End is for Shotguns: 410 to 10 Gauge. It will also work in some of the newer inline "Black Power Firearms"

The Smaller end is for all Pistols/Rifles: 38 caliber and up. Simply insert into the chamber.

For Smaller Calibers such as 22's or 32 calibers simply place it against the chamber.

  • One Size Works for ALL calibers
  • Use "ANY" Form of light source
  • Doesn't blind you so you can see clearly in the barrel.
  • Handy Pocket Clip
  • Weighs less than an 1 oz.
  • Strong and durable, won't break if dropped
  • Uses high UHV plastic to protect against yellowing.
  • Lifetime Warranty 100% Replacement -- (Only pay for S&H)
  • Manufactured in USA

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