Avenger SingleCom Tactical Radio PTT Adaptor

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PTT Adaptor, Avenger Singlecom PTT adaptor

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Refer to Connector Chart for radio connector code

Our SingleCom Tactical PTT offers a silent durable push-to-talk switch that is heat and chemical resistant and IP67. Its unique waterproof design allows reliable communications in high moisture environments. Our tactical PTT has a heavy duty clothing clip and is all black so that it is non reflective in covert operations. The SingleCom Tactical PTT offers an optional sniper lead to use with finger/sniper push-to-talk, that allows hands-free PTT activation for sniper or other operators carrying rifles, shotguns or shields.

We offer certain PTT's with a choice of Straight or Curly cable. Please select your required radio connector and the cable options will be shown in the next drop down box.

The Avenger PTT can be offered as a standard unit or an amplified unit to achieve the greatest clarity with your set up, what you need will depend on the radio and headset being used with the PTT:

Amplified PTT:

  • To be used with civilian radios when the headset has a dynamic microphone element e.g. Peltor ComTac III, Liberator II.
  • *Exceptions for the following radio connector codes: YAE1, YAE4, YAE5, YAE8 (These radio types do not require amplificaiton to work with the above communication headsets)

Standard PTT:

  • To be used with Military radios or civilian radios when the headset has an electret microphone element e.g. Avenger, MSA Sordin Communication headset.

Sniper Lead PTT:

  • Adds an external J22 connection point for a remote PTT button such as the TK55 Remote Finger PTT (Sold separately). Designed for re-routing PTT operation to a location that does not affect current posture.

If you are unsure of what PTT will work with your current equipment please contact us for assistance.

Refer to Connector Chart for radio connector code

If you do not see the connector you need please call us at 877-795-4848

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  • Rugged and Waterproof for reliable communication in the most demanding environments
  • Silent PTT
  • Heavy duty clothing clip
  • Available with connection to most tactical radios
  • Available as standard or amplified unit
  • Optional sniper lead
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