3M PELTOR ComTac VI NIB Hearing Defender, Headband + ARC, Dynamic Boom Mic

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3M PELTOR ComTac VI NIB Hearing Defender, Headband + ARC, Dynamic Boom Mic

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*This model comes with a headband and foam earseals installed on the unit, the package also includes a set of Peltor ARC rail adapters for helmet mounting and HY80 gel earseals for improved comfort.*

*This is the hearing defender version of the ComTac™ VI featuring NIB short range communication only, no downlead for external comms. This headset is NOT compatible with Peltors Y-Cable Harness to convert to a radio communication compatible: See Communication version for external comms integration*

Hear the difference

The 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ VI has new omni-directional microphones and high fidelity speakers with greater sensitivity to help replicate sound more clearly and accurately. The new digital signal processing circuitry and transmit microphone are designed to help improve speech intelligibility and the environmental listening function’s ability to detect and locate sound from previous generations of the platform. The transmit microphone has been redesigned and embedded with patented 3M close cell foam and delivers improved noise cancelling transmission in high noise and wind while also improving dust and water ingress protection.

Environmental listening

The environmental listening feature, also known as “talk-through” is a means of allowing safe audio sounds to bypass the individual hearing protection electronically while still helping protect against harmful noises. This is accomplished with 3M’s proprietary digital audio circuit integrated into the headset. A microphone receives the sounds outside of the headset and transmits them to a speaker inside of the headset. The level-dependent digital audio circuit senses noise levels above the desired threshold and compresses them to a safe decibel level or amplifies weak sounds to an audible level.

Sound detection.
Sound identification.
Sound localization.
Speech communications.

All important components of auditory situational awareness, impacting Warfighter efficiency and safety.

Mission Audio Profiles (MAP)

The 3M™ PELTOR™ ComTac™ VI offers a new way to adjust the auditory settings of your headset for your mission. Traditionally, a headset has a set frequency response, and the operator can only increase or decrease the volume. The MAP function provides new advanced ambient listening modes that allow access to a variety of gain settings, but with frequency shaping, to enhance auditory performance in five conditions. The MAP Profiles have been designed with a variety of combat and combat support operations in mind.

Mission Audio Profile 1: Observation

Observation Highest volume and widest frequency response to maximize hearing when the user is still (overwatch, hide spot, stop to listen, etc).

Mission Audio Profile 2: Patrol

Patrol High volume with reduced high frequencies to limit sounds such as footsteps on gravel, grass moving under feet, equipment moving on body.

Mission Audio Profile 3: Conversation

Maximizes the frequencies important for face-to-face communications while lowering the frequencies outside of the average speech band.

Mission Audio Profile 4: Comfort

Low volume and narrow frequency response to be used when in noise for long periods of time (tactical vehicle, air transport) where environmental listening is not prioritized over communications and overall comfort.

Natural Interaction Behaviour (NIB)

NIB enables short-range, headset-to-headset communication in high noise environments, without the use of an external communications radio. The NIB function allows for 4 team members to speak simultaneously, and over 60 people within a 10 meter radius to listen at any given time. Audio transmit is activated by either a voice activated switch (VOX) for hands free operations or by push-to-talk. The VOX switch is adaptive, meaning the threshold to activate will adjust automatically to the noise environment. To help reduce user burden, a tactile button has been added to the left ear cup that allows the user to easily turn on or off the function / and switch from VOX to PTT settings.

Optimized Design

The ear cup has been designed to help provide the maximum amount of attenuation while limiting the thickness of the cup to a ½ inch at the top (for compatibility with mid and full cut ballistichelmets). At the bottom, the ear cup is contoured to help cheek-to-stock weld for weapons sighting and a second microphone port is provided for connection to oxygen systems (HAHO/HALO operations) and 3M Scott FRR Respirator.

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  • Rubberized padded headband with cable routing easily allows transition to ARC rail mounting hardware and back
  • Peltor ARC Adapters included
  • Noise Cancelling (IP68) Speech Microphone for Communication in High Noise
  • Omni Directional Environmental Microphones for Level Dependent Situational Awareness
  • NIB (Natural Interaction Behavior) for Peer to Peer Headset Communication
  • Level Dependent, Electronic Hearing Protection to Help Protect from Impulse and Steady State Noise
  • Rugged 3M™ PELTOR™ Design for Trusted Performance
  • Mission Audio Profile (MAP) to Select Audibility Settings Based on Anticipated Noise Exposure
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