121-MODULAR Bluetooth Dongle

121-MODULAR Bluetooth Dongle

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121-MODULAR Class 1 Bluetooth Dongle allow hands-free, full duplex communication between dongles and or Bluetooth headsets up to 200 meters apart.

The dongle has a quick disconnect connection that allows numerous types of headsets to be connected to suit the type of application required. Manufactured in Norway in close collaboration with end-users, using the latest technology to ensure excellent hands-free DUPLEX communication in many different environments.

Click here for possible dongle configurations.

Click here for the 121-CONNECT microsite

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  • Bluetooth dongles work in pairs
  • Class I Bluetooth enables up to 200 meters working distance between dongles
  • Encrypted full duplex communication between dongles/headsets
  • Dongles can be paired to 121-HIGH NOISE headsets
  • Pairs of dongles will not interfere with other headsets working in the same area
  • Total hands-free communication allows full mobility for the user
  • Flexible headset range allows use the use of many different styles of headset that can quickly be connected to the dongle, even when wearing fireman´s or other protective helmets. Click here for possible dongle configurations.
  • Can be used with throat microphone allowing use whilst wearing Breathing Apparatus & Masks
  • Flashing LED indicates dongles are in operation
  • Fitted with re-chargeable batteries, (which can be charged without having to remove them from the dongle).
  • Approx 20 hours user time from 4 hours charge time, (can also be powered by 2 x AA batteries)
  • Waterproof connection between headset & Dongle
  • Rugged, durable design