121-HIGH NOISE Wireless Bluetooth Headset

121-HIGH NOISE Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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The 121-HIGH NOISE Bluetooth headset allows hand-free, full duplex encrypted communication with a cell phone, dongle or between two matching headsets up to 200 meters apart.

Communicating between two people in noisy environments can be difficult, sometimes impossible. Noise and poor communications can compromise safety and greatly reduce productivity. With the 121-HIGH NOISE you will greatly increase the operators safety and productivity through improved, reliable communications, leading to reduced downtime.

Communications between operators is so simple, no need for any hand signals, shouting and having to stop work! No buttons to push and hold in when talking, simply turn the headsets to ON and carry on working. The FULL DUPLEX feature allows both operators to talk to each other at the same time, just like talking on the phone.

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  • Bluetooth headsets work in pairs
  • Encrypted full duplexcommunication between headsets
  • Pairs of headsets will not interfere with other headsets working in the same area
  • Total hands-free communication
  • Headsets can be paired to Bluetooth phones (or other Bluetooth devices)
  • Flashing LED indicates headsets are in operation
  • All metal parts are stainless steel for increased durability
  • The headsets are manufactured in modules so every component can be easily replaced
  • All internal electrical components and cables have clip connectors, so are easy to replace
  • Spare parts are available from stock for reduced downtime
  • Quick positioning noise cancelling microphone filters out background noise allowing clear speech transmission
  • Powered by 2 x AA re-chargeable batteries (regular AA batteries can be used)
  • FCC, CE and EMC approved
  • Fits to Balance AC and PETZL helmets (as well as others)
  • NRR rating - 21dB